Exclusive prints by Pearl Drop Moments now available.

Latest Outfits

We are proud to showcase the first three outfits for our first ever collection
called the Olivia Grace Collection.


We are proud to announce that we now stock Ethereal Tees!

We care about you and your family and only want the best quality to go out to our clients and that’s why each item is individually handcrafted by a very talented seamstress.


We decided to dedicate the first collection to little Olivia Grace Gronum, whose mother has such a powerful testimony, which all leads up to the birth of Olivia. We decided on floral patterns which signify new life and creation. We think it is fitting that our first collection resonates with the garden of Eden (before sin came in).

It’s a lifestyle

Join our community! We also have a magazine that is there to help equip, encourage and guide you on this journey into becoming the True Bride of Christ.